Advance Global Partners works with programs and governments globally to offer unique investment opportunities for investors.

In both the Caribbean and Africa, Advance Global Partners has a strong network of government and private sector relationships that allow us to offer clients opportunities that are key differentiators from other firms.

We have facilitated projects across the OECS (Eastern Caribbean) and are very active in West Africa with experience in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Guinea and Liberia.

We have source client experience in Asia, particularly, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and South Korea. We also have experience of dealing with clients from the UAE and wider Middle East.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a dynamic country and offers some diverse business opportunities. We are happy to assist clients and to pair them with the best projects according to their budget, their  experience and their objectives.

Whether it be in the tourism, manufacturing, renewable energy, IT or even in the service industry, Dominica has opportunities and a skilled workforce for savvy entrepeneurs.


I.T Industry

Manufacturing industry

Renewable energy industry

Tourism industry