What are the benefits of citizenship?

Citizens of the world understand that a second citizenship provides incomparable opportunities for freedom of movement, residency and attractive investment and taxation planning, thus providing peace of mind for the entire family.

A passport from a secure and vetted country is a pathway to the world, allowing unparalleled business flexibility and growth options for those who are burdened by restrictions. It also allows for upward educational mobility for children and an improved lifestyle in general for the families of those who make the wise step to invest.


What is the difference between citizenship and permanent residence?

A citizenship offers a passport and all the rights and protections of a citizen of the country through which the passport is issued. A permanent residence gives the right to remain resident in the country with the eventual option of naturalization after a specific period of time spent. Permanent residences often can see
changes depending on the government of each country. Citizenship is more secure as the commitment to the citizen is long standing and permanent and begins from the issuance of the passport document.


Who can apply for citizenship?

Applicants for citizenship must be at least 18 years of age, of good character, without criminal records and who are able to make the required contribution, when necessary.


Which program is right for me?

Each investor is unique and has specific objectives. This is why we offer a personalized service to offer you the best possible program.


Do I have to attend an interview?

Depending on which program you apply for, an interview might be mandatory. Please contact us to enquire about it.