Portugal (Golden Visa)

Launched in 2012, the Golden Visa program is a residence program which allows applicants to obtain a residency permit in Portugal. It is an attractive program for investors with respect to its flexibility and benefits. The residence permit is issued for one year and can be renewed every two years afterwards, providing the investor and their family spends a minimum of 2 weeks every two years in Portugal.

The applicant has different investment options:

  • Investment in real estate of €500,000 (or €350,000 reduced option)
  • Bank deposit of at least €1 million


  • Visa-free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area
  • No requirement for education, language level or business backgrounds
  • Right to live, work, and study in Portugal (access to education and health systems)
  • Ability to apply for permanent residence and citizenship after 5 years

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