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Second Citizenship
Business Consultancy
Market Intelligence

A unique team of business, legal and marketing professionals working in the best interest of clients.

Finding the best solutions for international clients seeking safety and diversity of options for residency and citizenship, property investment, asset management tools and business support services.

Advance Global Partners
Intelligence matters.



Investing in real estate is an important component of tax planning


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anatoliy-lyetayev , anatoliys-analysis , cbi , cip , citizenship-by-investment , club , content-marketing , google-trends , marketing , rcbi , residence-by-investment

7 Ways to Super-Charge Your RCBI Content Marketing After COVID

October 20, 2020

Anatoliy’s AnalysisWith Anatoliy Lyetayev Anatoliy Lyetayev covers topics that help industry professionals be more efficient, do more business, and...

cbi , cip , citizenship-by-investment , club , cyprus , eu , europe , european-commission , european-court-of-justice , infringement , malta , politics

European Commission Launches Infringement Procedures Against Cyprus, Malta Over CIPs

October 20, 2020

Christian NesheimEditor   In a press release published today, the European Commission announces that it is ” launching infringement...

analysis , cbi , cip , citizenship-by-investment , club , cyprus , europe , real-estate , steven-m-pepa

The Two Chief Vulnerabilities of Cyprus’ CIP: One Easily Fixed, The Other Intractable

October 19, 2020

Steven M. PepaCyprus   Conceptually, the objectives of the Cypriot citizenship-by-investment (CBI) program are admirable; use the FDI from...


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