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Welcome to IMI Real Estate: List Your RCBI-Qualifying Property for Free Today

December 16, 2019

I’m very excited to present a project we’ve been working on for some time: IMI Real Estate, a real estate listings page where all the properties can qualify the buyer and family for either residence or citizenship by investment.

In addition to the ordinary property criteria, like price, size, and number of bathrooms, you can search and filter properties by exactly the criteria that matter the most to RCBI-investors, such as:

  • Where the property enables residence/citizenship
  • Where the property enables travel
  • The length of the minimum holding period to qualify
  • Whether maintenance costs are borne by the buyer
  • Whether the property can produce a regular income
  • Whether the property is completed, under construction, or pre-build
  • Whether the property is freehold/leasehold/shares or something else
Browse properties

We are creating a platform that provides value to all parties in the industry – developers, agents, and investors.

  • Developers will have a new (free) way to source clients
  • Agents can find suitable developers with whom to work
  • Investors can see exactly what they have to choose from, and easily compare their options in one place
Filter by the criteria that matter to RCBI investors…
…according to residency and citizenship preferences

We also believe that IMI Real Estate can be a tool for agents and investment migration professionals who can use the platform to present RCBI real estate investments directly to their clients.

Soon, we will be rolling out a new Agent Services Package that will complement the platform.

We cordially invite RCBI developers to list their available units at zero cost today.

If you need help listing, contact david@imidaily.com today and we’ll help get you started.

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