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Malta Citizenship by Investment: 3 Essential Steps For a Successful Application

August 5, 2019

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“I think, contrary to public perception, the success or otherwise of a Maltese citizenship application is quite predictable,” says Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Senior Partner – Global Residency and Citizenship at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates.

“In fact, we recommend three main steps to ensure success. Firstly, an investor and his advisors must ensure they understand the grounds for rejection,” explains the Senior Partner, pointing to the need for applicants not to be the subject of any criminal investigations, not submitting false or incomplete information, and not having had their visa applications rejected in any countries that have visa-waiver agreements with Malta.

“The second tip would be to work with an immigration law firm,” adds Chetcuti, emphasizing that working with attorneys allows the process of disclosure to be covered by client-attorney privilege. Working with professionals bound by a legal code of ethics makes “opening up” much easier for clients, which in turn “let’s the lawyers know what they’re dealing with.”

The third step to ensure a successful application, emphasizes Chetcuti, is to be honest with your lawyer. “The lawyer is there to defend your interests, to ensure the maximization of the chances of success. A lawyer who doesn’t know the facts is not in control. As an immigration lawyer, I feel more in control of the outcome – and that the program is much more predictable – if I am told everything.”

Watch the full interview with Jean-Philippe Chetcuti below.

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