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IMI Experts: The New Directory for Trusted RCBI-Specialists

September 5, 2020

IMI’s readers frequently ask us to put them in touch with trusted investment migration professionals. To make it easier for readers to find the expertise they need, we are today launching IMI Experts, a directory of seasoned specialists on residency and citizenship by investments.

At IMI Experts, you can sort through our vetted selection of specialists and contact them via the methods they’ve chosen; email, phone, or social media. See who has the expertise you need by selecting the category of specialization – professional field or specific program expertise – and read more about each IMI Expert.

How can I set up my IMI Expert profile?
In this inaugural version of IMI Experts, we have included two dozen experts who are frequent contributors to IMI in some way. These are professionals we know and whose expertise we can vouch for. We are now extending the invitation to our expert readers generally.

To submit your profile for review, click the green button in the top right of the IMI Experts page, and complete your details. Note that you must be an IMI Club member to be listed as an IMI Expert. If you’re not already an IMI Club member, sign up here.

We hope you will send us your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the IMI Experts section.

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