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Exclusive Interview Series: Investment Migration After COVID-19 – What Next?

June 8, 2020

This week, we’ll be publishing a brand new series of interviews with senior investment migration experts to get a sense of what they think will change for the RCBI-market in the aftermath of the pandemic.

We have purposely selected a group of outspoken individuals that we know have very different views because they have stated and written their prognostications on the matter:

  • Simon Black from Sovereign Man
  • Andrew Henderson from Nomad Capitalist
  • Jean-Francois Harvey from Harvey Law Group
  • Mohammed Asaria from Range Developments
  • Eric Major from Latitude

Watch the trailer below (click the CC icon and select ‘English’ to activate subtitles)

Among the topics we’ll discuss are:

  • What will happen to demand? Will it rise or fall?
  • Can we expect new CIPs to launch in response to debt crises?
  • Which types of programs will be the winners after the pandemic?
  • How will what’s happening in Hong Kong, the United States, and China affect the market?
  • From which regions will investor migrants come?
  • And much, much more.

While we will publish articles that summarize each interview, the videos themselves will only be available to IMI Club members.

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