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Vanuatu Submitting CBI Real Estate Option Bill to Parliament This Month

More than four years after the launch of Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (VDSP), Vanuatu finally looks set to introduce a long-awaited real estate investment option (REO). The government is preparing a bill to cover the considerable legislative changes necessary to introduce the REO, which is slated for consideration by Parliament during its next sitting later this month.

Passage of the bill in Parliament would pave the way for the necessary changes through a set of revised Regulation Orders under the existing Vanuatu Citizenship Act Cap 112.

In response to an approach by IMI, the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission’s Chairman, Ronald Warsal, has released the following statement:

03 April 2021
Port Vila

Statement by Chairman of the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission, Mr Ronald Warsal, regarding the proposed introduction of a Real Estate Option for Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the Development Support Program (DSP)

Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the Development Support Program (DSP) remains a cornerstone of our capacity to maintain economic independence during the on-going Covid 19 pandemic. With our borders remaining closed, revenues from the DSP have safe-guarded Vanuatu’s capacity to meet all its financial obligations both domestically and internationally.

The Program continues to undergo review and refinement to ensure that not only does it meet the norms and expectations of the international organisations and governments with whom we work, but also to make sure that our Program remains relevant and “fit for purpose” in the coming years.

One crucial aspect of our efforts to develop the Program is with the explicit aim of generating greater benefits for our wider economy, by developing opportunities for attracting investment into Vanuatu that will result in jobs and tangible improvements for all in our community.

We have given careful consideration to various options for broadening the scope of DSP investment opportunities, and one obvious channel that has been shown to be particularly effective and attractive in other CBI programs globally is the creation of a Real Estate (Investment) Option (REO).

The process of creating and launching an REO requires considerable work, as major changes in legislation are required. Working with the State Law Office and other stakeholders, the Citizenship Commission has devised an REO framework to be submitted as a Bill during the next Parliament sitting in April 2021.

Subject to smooth passage of the Bill, an amended set of Citizenship Program Regulation Orders will be issued, which will include the basis for a new REO Citizenship alongside other measures for the enhancement of the Program encompassing due diligence, process, and distribution in line with our goal to elevate the Program to top-tier level.

We believe that our Real Estate-linked Citizenship will be enthusiastically received internationally and domestically alike for the tangible benefits that it will generate.

Interest in (and revenue from) Vanuatu’s citizenship program – a collective term that refers to both the VDSP and VCP – has accelerated sharply since 2017.  The speed and simplicity of the application process, however, which have been hallmarks of the program to date, have also raised questions about the adequacy of due diligence procedures. Observers have also called into question whether Vanuatu’s legislative branch has taken the steps necessary to put the honorary citizenship matter definitely to rest.

“The introduction of a REO, although a welcome enhancement, can only realistically succeed if accompanied by an overhaul and repositioning of the entire program, something that is mentioned in the Chairman’s statement,” commented James Elcocke-Harris of Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau, a designated agent for the VDSP.

The Commission has, so far, offered little in the way of details about the proposed REO. Open questions include:

  • Will the REO apply to both the VDSP and VCP?
  • When can we expect a market launch for the REO, presuming the bill passes in Parliament?
  • What investment amounts will apply?
  • By which criteria will the government designate real estate projects?

At least some of those questions may be answered next week: Chairman Warsal is expected to make announcements regarding the new REO during a webinar hosted by RIF Trust and Latitude on Tuesday at 3PM CET.

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Chairman Warsal is expected to reveal details on the program’s long-awaited real estate investment option next week.

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Malta’s new Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) is officially open for applications, following the publication of the relevant law on Friday.


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Bringing Transparency and Fair Pricing to the Vanuatu DSP

Since its inception in January 2017, the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) has gained major momentum in the CBI space, attracting denizens from across the world thanks to competitive pricing and tremendous tax benefits.

As the world’s eyes turn towards this Pacific Island nation, one of the few success stories emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern about the level of transparency afforded to clients prospecting this program.

It is this very facet of the Vanuatu DSP program that Vancis Capital, authorized by the Government of Vanuatu, aims to address with the expansion of its offices into Dubai, one of the fastest-growing CBI markets in the world.

Headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu, Vancis Capital is jointly owned by Kalwatman Tom (Ni-Vanuatu citizen and founder), and is managed in Dubai by Dwayne Chauhan (Managing Director). With the opening of its new branch office in Dubai Marina, Vancis Capital is expanding its B2B business into the MENA region and Europe, partnering with established CBI firms and finding prospective partners among new CBI promoters across the world.

Inconsistent pricing puts applicants off the DSP, says Managing Partner Dwayne Chauhan

Dwayne highlights that his company’s vision is to “Bring the World to Vanuatu.” Echoing Vanuatu’s desire to attract the highest quality applicants from around the world to invest, live, and flourish in the island nation, his overarching vision is to create a network of partners across the globe who provide prospective applicants a streamlined journey to receiving their Vanuatu passports.

“More often than not, B2B partners are faced with wildly varying pricing, uneven timelines, and inordinate delays when dealing with inexperienced agents in the region, which puts them off the DSP,” he says.

“Our company policy is to provide transparent, fair, and effective pricing to all partners to help maximize their returns on each client they process. Our company processes most cases within 1-5 days for the FIU stage and within a month for the citizenship approval stage, primarily because we know what we are doing but also because we have the legal and administrative know-how to ensure that our clients are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Chauhan explains that there has been a great deal of consternation over allegations of promoters selling the Vanuatu DSP at prices lower than the minimum sales prices set by the Government. “Our aim,” he comments, “is to ensure that practices that undermine the spirit of the DSP are reported to the concerned authorities.”

Vancis Capital’s experienced multicultural, multilingual team of administrative officers and Government Liaisons are equipped to handle a high volume of clientele. Their connection with the Government of Vanuatu is wide ranging and far reaching, enabling them to handle applicants with all kinds of special requirements within the limitations of Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Law.

Vancis Capital also provides unique services for Vanuatu Citizens including applications for birth certificate, driver’s licenses, National ID Card, name change, police clearance, PO BOX, offshore company setup and bank account setup.

All applications, including citizenship applications, are submitted online, through Vancis Capital’s secure application portal, significantly optimizing application timelines.

Vancis Capital is looking to partner with CBI companies in the Middle East and across the world, and promoting the Vanuatu DSP program to a wider global audience. CBI companies with existing Vanuatu DSP offerings and those currently not offering the Vanuatu DSP as part of their CBI portfolio can visit the Vancis Capital website, call at 00971 45 12 4117 / 00971 52 853 3729 email – contact@vanciscapital.com or reach out on Social Media (@vanciscapital) to find out more.

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