How to Have Your Cake And Eat It, by Being British, But European Too

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EU blues? Buyer’s remorse? Sorted. Be British. Be European too.  “It is simple,” says Robin Chapman at Passports Global Ltd.

“Become Portuguese. Invest €350,000 in a Portuguese private equity fund (PPEF), acquire thereby resident status within 6 months, go to Portugal for 35 days spread over 5 years, learn a smattering of Portuguese, be squeaky clean and quite rich, and there you are. You are British and you are European too.” 

Passports Global Ltd deals with eight citizenship by investment programs. “We happen to think that Portugal provides the most desirable residency/citizenship by investment program available. The other seven countries either have more expensive programs or you would never want to live in the countries concerned anyway. Portugal is surely a most agreeable country in which to live in any case. But with Portuguese citizenship all Europe is yours by right. A right of abode. A right to work. A right to retire there. 35 days’ residency spread over five years is not onerous. Just a good excuse for some vacations. You need not enter the Portuguese tax net. And there is favourable tax treatment on your investment. Much more favourable by the way than the tax treatment of property ownership. Militarily “UK” has not exchanged fire with Portugal ever, indeed it’s our oldest ally. The Portuguese all seem to know this. In my experience the Portuguese are exceptionally kind and welcoming to the Brits. We have fought all the other main players on the planet, some of them many times.”

Robin Chapman points out: “There are other routes to become Portuguese which you may have heard of. As an alternative to the PPEF you can buy a property in Portugal. Forget it. That route will be a nightmare. Maintenance, management, taxes, leaking roof, broken refrigerator, unpaid rent, fire, pandemic voids, insurance claims, let alone finding and buying the property in the first place and all the transaction costs and secret backhanders that go with it. You know it already. Don’t even go there. That is hope over experience. PPEF is much simpler, cheaper and more tax efficient.”

You have with us two five-year GV residency/citizenship routes to invest in a PPEF. (a) Invest now at €350,000 and 100% of your investment will be in Portuguese investments or (b) Buy in the New Year at €500,000 and under our unique arrangement €300,000 of your money (60% as required by Portuguese GV law) will be in Portuguese investments but €200,000 (40%) will be in global private equities or other funds managed by a blue-blooded UK fund manager. The PPEF threshold goes up on 31 December 2021 from €350,000 to €500,000. You may want to hurry and go for (a).

You may be a Remainer, you may be a Leaver, who thought leaving was better for the British economy, but otherwise you were a little sad to wave goodbye to Europe. Whatever. But with a PPEF you can have your cake and eat it. When you go through immigration in say France, with your Portuguese residency, you will look cool even sniffy for you will join the short chic fast EU line not the long line of the rest of the world which includes most of those from the Far East, Middle East, the third world and now the Brits too.  When you return to Britain of course take the short line for UK citizens while glancing perhaps magnanimously at the rest of the world line. Get out your blue British passport and show that to the officer.

For further information please contact Robin Chapman Passports Global Ltd Tel (during lockdown) 07 6695 7007.

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