Boka Place in Porto Montenegro: The Profitable Route to European Citizenship

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Porto Montenegro

Welcome to Boka Place, a hub of relaxed luxury living perfectly situated within the secluded enclave of the extravagant Porto Montenegro. Boka Place’s position as one of the first projects approved for Montenegro’s citizenship by investment program (CIP) may seem like a defining feature, but that is just the first page in a book describing why Boka Place is a route to financial prosperity, an affluent lifestyle, and life-transforming possibilities.

Montenegrin citizenship by investment (CBI) has raised the bar by offering the elite a pathway to gain citizenship in the world’s second-fastest-growing touristic country, which has started its EU accession process and is en route to becoming a full-fledged EU member come 2025.

There are, however, two factors of any citizenship by investment process; the citizenship itself is the first and, as the Montenegrin passport offers visa-free access to 124 countries worldwide including the Schengen area, it is clear Montenegro’s CIP checks that box. The second vital factor is the investment itself, as it should pay off either by elevating your lifestyle or providing you with a proper ROI; enter Boka Place in Porto Montenegro.

What is Porto Montenegro?

Located in the serene and naturally stunning Adriatic Bay of Kotor, also known as Boka Bay, in the southern region of Montenegro, you’ll find an urban corner where serenity intertwines with luxury; that place is Porto Montenegro.

A refined urban center beaming with high-end housing, mouthwatering cuisine, a plethora of activities, and extravagant shopping districts. Porto Montenegro offers the elite an escape from the hustle and bustle of the average metropolitan areas while providing the infrastructure they need to live life to its fullest.

Home to a spectacular residency village oozing luxury, a 450-berth superyacht marina, and unmatched natural scenery, Porto Montenegro not only offers a top-tier lifestyle but amazing aesthetics all around. The residential aspect is expertly complimented with a heavenly gastronomy scene that makes having dinner each night feel like a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

What about Boka Place?

As more elite families began flocking into Porto Montenegro the need for an urban quarter arose; and with it came Boka Place. A high-end urban quarter scientifically designed to produce arguably one of the best lifestyles on the Adriatic coast. Boka Place fuses luxury amenities with elite private housing in an area filled to the brim with stunning views of the village and marina below. Perfectly situated to take in the sea air yet maintain its urban vibe, Boka Place offers families a unique chance to get the best of both worlds.

See available units in Boka Place

Investors are spoilt for choice at Boka Place. They can purchase single or multiple units out of 144 units available ranging from one- to three-bedroom homes starting at an exciting EUR 190,000. These airy and open-plan homes, which are located in the luxury hotel operated by Kerzner International, are surrounded by activity centers such as high-end fitness centers and gyms, fine dining cafes and restaurants, friendly faces, and gorgeous parks.

An investment that pays off

Boka Place is not just a means to an end: Although qualifying for the Montenegro CIP, Boka Place has been designed to be the ultimate stand-alone investment. The Mediterranean climate and the allure of Porto Montenegro play a big part in making Boka Place a unique investment as well.

Investors and their families wanting to relocate to a serene yet luxurious location can live their best lives in Boka Place as Montenegrin citizens, while others, who do not wish to make it their home just yet, can get an attractive ROI by renting out their units through Kerzner International’s hotel and expertise.

Porto Montenegro itself is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the highly touristic southern region of this European nation. The south of Montenegro has long been known for pleasant weather, top-tier infrastructure, and high-end cuisine. Porto Montenegro has raised the bar even further, offering tourists a unique place to bask in the magnificence of the Adriatic. This sets the stage for high property appreciation rates in the future.

The stakes have never been higher

The most intriguing aspect of Boka Place is that its potential is two-fold; the high return and the possibility of getting a citizenship that could become an EU one in a few years for an amount just one-quarter of that required in the now-suspended Cyprus CIP.

The Montenegro CIP itself is unique, offering European citizenship for a competitive price, as those who invest 450,000 Euros in Boka Place and donate 100,000 Euro for infrastructure development in Montenegro obtain Montenegrin citizenship and passports in as little as six months.

Montenegro also has a beneficial taxation landscape with corporate and capital gains tax set at a competitive 9%, and opening a business is as easy as can be. This supplements Montenegro’s CIP, as the country is unique among its CIP peers in its ability to provide an elite living standard within a strong European economy.

Boka Place plays a colossal part in making that happen, creating the perfect atmosphere for the elite to both get their citizenships and a new home beaming with life and luxury for their families at the same time.

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